How To Play Games On Android

If you have an Android phone and can’t seem to find a good video game app from the store, you might want to try other sources of entertainment. This is where flash games can really come in handy because there are literally hundreds for you to choose from. However, can you even play flash games on your Android device? Actually, yes you can.

It involves only a few steps and is never as complicated as learning how to build a website. Just follow the tips provided for you below. First, though, you need to know what the difference is between apps and Flash games.


Apps And Flash

flash gameFor the most part, apps are software that are specifically created to be independent of browsers of any kind. They connect directly with a particular online domain, where you can then conduct your internet activities. On the other hand, Flash games are completely reliant on web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox because they can’t run without the corresponding media tool that is Flash.

This difference effectively makes the acquisition and engagement of these types of games different. When it comes to video game apps, you just go to the app store and download the title that you want. If you really want to run a flash game on your Android, you’re going to need to use a particular browser that’s equipped with Flash and is specifically created to run on a mobile device. This is where the Puffin browser comes in.


Puffin Browserpuffin browser

For the most part, the Puffin browser is basically just a browser app that lets you play games. However, it’s got several advantageous features that you definitely don’t want to ignore. For example, it’s got top of the line encryption security, which makes it a lot safer than most other platforms that support Flash games.

Another reason is because it actually offers data saving, which is a huge win for those who don’t like having to start over every time they play a Flash game. Getting the Puffin browser is pretty simple as well, as any tech blog will tell you. Just download it, set it up, tweak the settings to meet your needs, and start playing games.



  1. I learned to love the flash games online. Though it’s quite simple and easy, the downside is the internet connection! You simply need to be connected just to play.

  2. The big difference of flash games and app games is the net connection requirement. Most app games do no require online connection when playing, while flash games need internet connection to load.

  3. Lindsay

    Thank you for such informative post! I have a clear idea about free flash games and app games! Kudos 🙂

  4. I think gaming apps are more stable compared to online. You can access them anytime anywhere, no need to connect.

  5. Android games are awesome. My kids are better now doing games while I work on the laundry LOL


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