Addicting Flash Games To Play Now

Flash games may have diminished in popularity ever since smartphones became more common, but there are still plenty of addicting titles out there that you may want to take a look at. These games are some of the best ways to waste time, especially if you are in dire need to de-stress. So, if you are in need of a great distraction from your sessions of working on a spreadsheet or looking to buy traffic for website use massive targeted traffic guaranteed, here are some of the most addictive flash games for you.


The premise of Jacksmith is pretty simple. You’re a blacksmith that needs to outfit his warriors of formidable pig things with the best weapons and armor. You do so by participating in a minigame where you click on certain ingredient in smithing for a limited time. The quality of the equipment that you make depends on how you perform, which will then affect how well your warriors fight.



Super Motherload  by XGen Studios

Reminiscent to games like Dig Dug, MotherLoad involves playing as a drilling robot that is looking for precious materials under the earth. The robot will fly up to refuel, which then return players to the start. If you want, you could also buy some additional items to make your robot last longer or perform better, which effectively makes them upgrades.


Decision 2: New City

If you are into zombie games, or to be more specific, shooting a whole bunch of zombies in a video game, Decision 2: New City is for you. A top-down title, it basically involves a soldier whose mission is to clear areas of the undead. Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, it’s a carnage case of satisfying proportions.


Super Mario 63

You better move fast before this Flash Game is taken down via cease and desist order. Super Mario 63 is a platformer that’s very much like the Super Mario games made by Nintendo, but this one is fanmade. It’s an excellent ode to one of the most iconic franchises in the video game business and will likely get struck down once Nintendo gets wind of it.

In an age that is kind of ruled by some sort of addiction to all things digital and automatic, it’s no longer surprising that there are some people who really can’t seem to go a day without playing any of their favorite flash games. They come free, of course, which is yet another reason why they’re so addictive.

If you’re not into fun and games, though, and you’re the serious type, it might be better to at least try them out. Don’t worry about these games causing your computer to slow down. You can always pay to have some service provider tools, for instance, see ‘payment service provider tools’ and you’re well on your way.

As games go, these should make for a satisfying distraction from hours of looking for website visitors or whatnot at your job. Enjoy!






  1. I still like playing Super Mario. The challenges are easy and I always win!

  2. I practically grew up with Nintendo games! I love playing Super Mario. I even composed songs for the game!

  3. My daughter loves to play Jack Smith. She’s 5 and Jack Smith has become a situational nanny to her most of the time. I don’t have to yell and get frustrated when she’s playing this game 🙂

    • Well, most of the games that kids are going crazy over these days are better off compared to the ones we’ve grown. Also, most of the time, kids have been exposed to too much games already. 🙁

  4. I practically grew up playing Super Mario. I think it’s because the challenges are quite easy, and you just play to pass the time. The Musical Scoring is also very good!


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